Corporate responsibility

Ciblex, a company in concern with sustainable development

It is a strategic approach towards effective and sound logistics chain management in the present and the future.







Ciblex is conscious of the need to help protect the environment and it has adopted a programme, on innovative and participatory sustainable development—a valuable resource for its customers, employees, partners and the community. 

  • A financial commitment:
    • By technologicals innovations serving the ecological efficiency with a new generation of embedded computing.
    • Development of Ciblex infrastructure for a better performance
  • A social commitment:
    • The Ciblex Human Resources Policy is based on continuing skills development and mutual respect for all.
    • Ciblex is also mobilizing around social diversity
    • Ciblex strengthen its relationship with institution and develop its humanitarian and citizens actions with Emmaüs and the Lions Club in France.
  • An environmental commitment:
    Ciblex acquires and develops the most innovative and ecological modes of transport:
    • Development of clean vehicles for the road transport: Euro 5 Euro 6 Standard, CNG vehicles or electric.
    • To reduce the number of rounds and thereby it’s CO2 emissions, Ciblex capitalises on a network of a network of PUDO locations throughout its territory. With Ciblex C DISPO, users like field agents can pick up or drop off a parcel near their hotel, their workplace or worksite.
    • Town centre deliveries using zero-emissions electric delivery tricycles: the alternative to light vehicles. By encouraging better air quality in cities and being kind to pedestrians, this mode of transport also optimises our logistics and helps increase our quality of service in town centres.
    • Transport by rail

Ciblex involves all employees, customers and partners through: 

    • Training, awareness and information (News, contests, intranet, communication
    • The establishment of everyday good practice such as sorting rubbish, driving less, using teleconferencing and videoconferencing and applying simple habits to save energy
    • The shared experience of a citizenship behavior
    • Lastly, Ciblex incorporated environmental criteria in selecting our suppliers and partners.

Ciblex Joined the UN Global Compact in November 2009 to consolidate its sustainable development approach. Ciblex has committed to comply with its ten universally-accepted principles, organised within 4 fundamental themes: 

  • Human rights,
  • Labour,
  • Environment,
  • Anti-corruption.

The values embodied by the compact are integrated in the sustainable development approach adopted by Ciblex since 2008. 






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