Our Human Resources Policy



Working at Ciblex means joining a growing express shipping group

Ciblex puts its employees at the centre of its development by way of:  

  • Customer satisfaction
    Our company motto—“We are all vendors, innovators and entrepreneurs”—unites the employees of Ciblex around our main objective: to make the customer the company’s priority. This ongoing commitment relies on company values, vitality and an unwavering desire to succeed.
  • Our employees’ expertise
    This means aiming for excellence in our industry to improve individual and group performance. Skills development and improvement are a priority for Ciblex. We offer a variety of training programmes specialised in each sector.
  • A human scale
    Ciblex prefers management to be close-at-hand and a field presence that provides backing, advice and support for its initiatives.
  • Special guidance for new hires
    The process of joining Ciblex starts with welcoming new hires. Ciblex makes sure everyone has the appropriate information they need to understand their personal commitment to the company’s objectives.



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Consignee service

0 899 02 87 87 (1.35€ per call + 0.34€ per min)

A dedicated number to plan a second delivery after an advice note or track your parcels. (France only)