Preparing your shipments

Package your merchandise well

Ciblex tips:

  • Use appropriate packages for merchandise that is sensitive to temperature variations.
  • Use hard back envelopes for documents, CDs and DVDs.
  • If you merchandise is fragile, use protective material about 5 cm thick on the bottom and sides of the parcel.
  • Make sure the packaging for each parcel can withstand the weight of the contents.
  • Remove any old shipping labels.
  • Verify that the packaging for each parcel is in good condition.
  • Seal each parcel with thick durable tape. If possible, wrap the parcel with tape both ways. Be careful: do not use string or ribbon, they get caught in our sorting belt and can pose a danger to our operators.
  • After closing parcels, stick a shipping label on top of each one.

Ciblex packaging:

Ciblex offers Ready To Go all-inclusive packaging kits that are convenient and do not require opening an account. 


Label your merchandise correctly

The shipping label is your parcels identity card. It contains all the important information that Ciblex needs for a successful express delivery. 

Ciblex tips:

  • Use one shipping label per parcel being sent.
  • Make sure the bar code is not folded, crossed out or covered, nothing should be obstructing it. The best method is not applying the label until the parcel is completely closed.
  • Complete the information and make sure it is legible:
    • Recipient’s name
    • Recipient’s full address
    • Country code (lien vers la table des codes pays, à nous fournir)
    • Postal code
    • City
    • Name of the delivery service desired

Ciblex Stickers:

To make sure your parcels contain all the information, Ciblex offers a range of stickers for H8, H9, H10, Saturday Morning, Payment on Delivery or H Export. You can order them from your Ciblex My Web


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Consignee service

0 899 02 87 87 (1.35€ per call + 0.34€ per min)

A dedicated number to plan a second delivery after an advice note or track your parcels. (France only)