Quality Commitments

The exigence of Ciblex, led since our beginning, brought us two acknowledged certifications

To meet our customers’ needs, we constantly demand more from ourselves

We operate within an ongoing participatory improvement process that connects the managers with all of its employees and partners. Ciblex is always evaluating its performance by conducting internal audits and monitoring quality indicators and it applies preventative and corrective actions in an effort to provide its customers with the best level of quality in the industry. 

The Ciblex process "Quality, Safety and Sustainable Development" means we are honoring day by day our commitments to our customers, employees and partners in all aspects of our service, while ensuring the sustainability of the company.
Our Commitments / Our objective 

  • To listen our customers, employees and partners
  • To insure an efficient, methodic and consistent tracking
  • To improve constantly
  • To reduce our accident rate
  • To improve the working conditions
  • To commit ourself in a substainable development process
  • To ensure our sustainability
  • To enhance our image of corporate citizenship.

And our partners with the Precision Guidelines!

Whether our partners are in France, Europe or around the world, all of them are linked to Ciblex through the Precision Guidelines.
Veritable quality specifications, Ciblex uses this document to inform partners of the quality demands for its services and commitments it has made to its customers on: 

  • punctuality and reliability of service
  • conviviality
  • service
  • security
  • feedback
  • and sustainable development.

Lastly, in an effort to have full control of its network, Ciblex evaluates its partners with steering indicators and regular progress reports. Preventative and corrective actions are also taken to provide all of Ciblex’s customers the best results in the express industry. 


Our certificates


Ciblex is certified ISO 9001 version 2015, Quality Management System, which makes customer satisfaction our highest priority. 





This certification guarantees:  

  • Our service complies with our customers’ demands and regulatory demands.
  • Our quality system is constantly improving, primarily using a process approach.

Download the certificate  



Ciblex is certified by Certipharm
Certipharm certification guarantees to our customers in the health sector that the shipping phase managed by Ciblex is fully compliant with their own demands according to the Good Distribution Practices for Pharmaceutical Products” 

So, Ciblex expertise in express distribution of health products is certified and supported. 

Download the certificate  


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