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Our information services: stay in touch with your shipments!



The Ciblex targeted and customised information services to monitor your flow, the accuracy of your deliveries and to be proactive with your consignees.


Ciblex My Web, a secure and customised space on www.ciblex.fr to:

  • Track your shipments and interventions using your own references or Ciblex AWB's
  • Order and track your occasional pick-ups
  • Follow up what’s new with Ciblex: network updates, new services
  • Download Ciblex documents to simplify your shipments
  • Re-program your shipment details in the event of unexpected delivery issue.


Pro Mail, at 8:30 by email, Ciblex send you 3 information levels for a proactive management of unforeseen events:

  • Disturbances on the domestic network - weather conditions, traffic problems, etc - (Option 1)
  • Customised information on parcels on hold (Option 2)
  • Balance between your EDI transmission and parcels received in our network (Option 3)


Direct Anomaly, in real time by email, in case of deliveries issues, Ciblex send you:

  • An information on delivery problems:site access, consignee absent or if a consignee refuses a delivery.
  • A link to rechedule the delivery : you advice us on revised instructions in just one click. Instantly, Ciblex receives and processes this new information and ensures the delivery according to your instructions.


C Direct, by EDI a customised information during your shipments:

This is Electronic Data Interchange on the status of your parcels using your reference or Ciblex AWB. With this exchange you can track your shipments in your own information system. 




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Consignee service

0 899 02 87 87 (1.35€ per call + 0.34€ per min)

A dedicated number to plan a second delivery after an advice note or track your parcels. (France only)